The following links help with finding sheet music, research findings on the voice or online ear training:
  • CVT-Workshop
    Introduction and masterclass with Judith Biedermann and Martina Rick in Basel and Oberägeri
  • Complete Vocal Institute
    Information about the method, training possibilities and research about the voice (in English)
  • Theta Music Trainer
    Lots of amusing and interactive ear training games to test and improve one’s ear and musical knowledge (in English)
  • Musica
    Easily learn to read music online. (in German)
  • Sheetmusicplus
    Order music online or print out directly. Affordable prices (in English)
  • Musicnotes
    Order music online or print out directly. Affordable prices (in English)
  • Les Arts Scéniques
    Martina Rick’s theater group & school: performances, acting classes and more
  • CJD Schule Schlaffhorst-Andersen
    Training course in Germany to obtain a degree as a Breath/Speech/Voice Teacher