This page is an overview of current Songwork offers. Look through it and find out which offer is the right one for you. If there are any questions send me a message.

Single lessons – at the studio or online

Single lessons can be booked individually anytime. They are right for you if you

  • are trying out Songwork for the first time
  • are an advanced singer who just needs new input once in a while
  • have acute voice problems that need immediate help (Emergency aid, for example, due to hoarseness before a concert).

50-minute lesson – CHF 115.-
25-minute lesson – CHF 58.-

Book a single lesson now

Artist Deep-Dive

This is an intensive coaching session for singers who need a fresh pair of eyes because they feel stuck – be it technically, with their concept for their next concert or the performance of a specific song. The Artist Deep-Dive offers you new input. Together we can look at what’s going on and work on the necessary fixes so that you can see clearly again in order to continue working independently once we’re done.

Artist Deep-Dive: 100 minutes – CHF 220.-


If you are new at Songwork we’ll schedule a single lesson first. After that you can decide to sign up for a subscription. Subscriptions follow the school year schedule of the canton of Basel-Stadt. During school holidays no lessons are held (exceptions are possible). Book a free discovery call or single lesson here if you are interested in a subscription.

You can start a subscription any time, not just at the beginning of a semester. The price will be adjusted accordingly.

Semester subscription

The semester subscription comes in four different versions:

  • a 50-minute lesson every week, 18 lessons per semester – CHF 1760.-
  • a 25-minute lesson every week, 18 lessons per semester – CHF 888.-
  • a 50-minute lesson every other week, 9 lessons per semester – CHF 984.-
  • a 25-minute lesson every other week, 9 lessons per semester – CHF 496.-

Full year subscription

The full year subscription comes in four different versions as well:

  • a 50-minute lesson every week, 36 lessons per year – CHF 3312.-
  • a 25-minute lesson every week, 36 lessons per year – CHF 1671.-
  • a 50-minute lesson every other week, 18 lessons per year – CHF 1863.-
  • a 25-minute lesson every other week, 18 lessons per year – CHF 940.-

These are the current school vacation dates and holidays:

1. semester: August 16, 2021 – January 21, 2022
Fall vacation: October 2-17, 2021
Christmas vacation: December 18, 2021 – January 2, 2022

2. semester: January 24, 2022 – July 1, 2022
Fasnacht vacation: February 26 – March 13, 2022
Easter vacation: April 9-24, 2022
Ascension: May 26-29, 2022
Pentecoste: June 4-6, 2022
Summer vacation: July 2 – August 14, 2022

Further Offers

Songwork schedules punctual workshops which are announced separately.

Choirs & Theater Groups

Is your choir on the lookout for a vocal training session or a performing workshop? Do the members of your theater group have problems with hoarseness, volume or being understood when speaking lines? Contact me and tell me about it, in order for me to propose a tailor-made offer suitable to your needs.

Speakers / Actors
Are you speaking in public a lot? Do you get hoarse or tire easily? Whether you are a public speaker, a lecturer or an actor, or have to speak a great deal professionally – get in touch with me, if you are looking for help with your speaking voice. Specific issues, such as frequent hoarseness, monotone sentence delivery, speaking dynamically or enunciation could become the subjects of your sessions.

Further questions, making an appointment

Call me at +41 79 771 61 23 or send me a message.

General Standard Terms and Conditions